I’m not exactly new to blogging, no. Though I admit.. my hesitant self makes it seem like I am. Let’s just say, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to work with this. The sensible thing to do would be to introduce myself: hi, my name is so and so and I’m from this place and this is my blog that I hope you enjoy. However, I’m not going to opt for a straightforward, typical introduction to myself. I’m going to take another road.

Some people are born, raised and live in the same country for their entire lives. Then you’ve got some who’ve travelled abroad, but never really lived outside their familiar zone or who have lived outside of their nation, just not for too long. Well, I’m none of those. I have never lived in my homeland and I was born, raised, and currently living in three different countries, as well as growing up with a whole other educational system than the one used where I am originally from. That makes for a confusing, misfitting, yet positive (mostly) childhood packed with experience, uniqueness, discoveries and adventures. As much as I do and can complain about my struggles and everything I miss about my previous home, I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge from this rocky road so far and that puts me in a, perhaps, advantaged position.

These are the imperfect adventures in the living of an English-speaking and American raised French.


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