Bali and Its Beauty

I had the utmost pleasure to travel to Bali recently for a project, which has allowed me to discover so much of this wonderful Indonesian island.

Previous to this trip, I had heard so much about Bali. When you live where I live, it’s almost impossible to find people who have never been there, so you often hear all about what this place has to offer. I was excited from the start, even if I wasn’t going to the commonly visited Seminyak and Samur or the ever famous Kuta region.

I was actually off to Ubud, most known for its cultural center. Some may know it for its meditation spots or its countless rice paddies and some may know it more for its art galleries and lush landscapes. Yes, Ubud is all that and so much more.

I stayed at an artist’s guesthouse, located just a short walk away from the village market. While wandering around this market, I came across an interesting fruit I’d never seen before. Snakefruit. I admit, it did not have the most appealing name, but it had a very interesting taste. Sweet, sour, and bitter all at once. The market also allowed me to try a couple other fruits I had yet to pop into my mouth: passionfruits and mangosteens (don’t judge). Speaking of food, the meals served were always easy to devour. Fried rice, spring rolls, sautéed chicken, fish, noodles, mixed vegetables, so on, so forth. Nothing I hadn’t had before. The people we encountered were all very nice to us. They were often smiling and greeting you and it wasn’t very difficult to communicate with them, despite the clear language barrier. Even the children who appeared shy at first had a tendency to open up quite quickly. Our host and owner of the guesthouse, was always eager to give us an insight on his culture, which was always so fascinating.

One of the main aspects of our trip to Ubud was yoga. Meditating in the morning as birds sang and before bed as crickets chirped really connected me with nature, but most of all, it gave me a sense of relaxation – something I had been looking for for a while. Best of all was evening yoga above the green rice fields while cool wind blew on our faces and the sun set. I hadn’t felt so at peace with everything in a while.

Ubud really was gorgeous. The way the orange and yellow beams of the sun lit up the early morning sky or the way the milky way appeared in the midst of a million twinkling stars. Unfortunately, photos cannot do justice to the wonderful times I had while in this tranquil, picturesque village, but hopefully you’ll catch a small glimpse of its beauty.

The sun sets while arriving in Ubud.
The sun sets while arriving in Ubud.
Beautiful weather in the rice paddies.
Beautiful weather in the rice paddies.
The group mandala made of flower petals.
The group mandala made of flower petals.

Did you know?
The Balinese all have the same names, because they are named depending on their birth order.
Where we were staying, the first born child is named Wayan, the second is Made, the third is Nyoman, the fourth is Ketut, and the names repeat for any following children.   

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