Diwali 2014

Through visiting lots of places and meeting people with a variety of cultural backgrounds, I’ve gotten the chance to experience plenty of different festivals and celebrations that I wouldn’t otherwise have known about. Diwali is one of them and this is the third year that I get to witness it.

Diwali, also sometimes known as Deepavali, is the festival of light for Hindus. It’s a very important festival for them, where the celebration of good over evil occurs. It is celebrated in the fall, over the course of a few days. Although I do not celebrate Diwali, I have several friends who do and recently, signs of Diwali festivities have been showing up in malls and subway stations.

One of my favorite parts of Diwali, as someone who does not take part in it, are the Rangoli/Kolam designs laid out on the ground in many places. The designs are often done with colored grains or sands and are very intricate. I find these to be really beautiful. I’ve come across several of these designs this week while walking through malls and thought I would share these for those who have never seen them.

Rangoli 3
Flower Rangoli
Rangoli 2
Elephant Rangoli


2 Replies to “Diwali 2014”

  1. J’ai lu aussi Kolam, mais tout comme Rangoli ce sont des petits cailloux de couleur poétiquement assembles, ils disparaissent vite fait dans la nuit qui suit Divali.
    Demain 25 octobre l’hôtel Sale, le musée Picasso, dans le Marais à Paris, rouvre après cinq ans de travaux, aussi au Grand Palais on peut voir la vague de Hokusai et tout ce qui l’entoure.
    Irons nous? En quel autre lieu peut-on voir tout cela?

    1. Je lu que ça s’appelle Rangoli au Nord de l’Inde et Kolam au Sud. Le Rangoli est plus “flamboyant” que le Kolam. On peut voir Rangoli/Kolam partout, mais surtout dans les entrées des maisons.

      Pour la vague, nous irons la voir dans quelques mois. ^^

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