Cookie Baking Fail

I love all baked goods, but usually, I’m not the one to make them. I’m not exactly kitchen savvy, so I’d rather leave the baking to someone who knows what they’re doing once the flour and butter is out. However, I was tempted this week to make chocolate chip cookies, because “really, how hard could that be”, but my recent attempt wasn’t very successful…

Not only did I lack some ingredients and had to make do with whatever else I had, but converting from customary to metric gave me some odd measurements. I had it really set in my mind that my cookies were to be soft and chewy, so I only baked them for about 5 minutes. As a result, they were a bit too undercooked and literally glued to the greased tin foil underneath. Yay.

Needless to say, my cookies were not cookies for very long. Instead, I was left with a pile of broken cookie pieces and crumbs. As unpresentable as they were, they tasted just fine and turned out to be pretty yummy. So my cookies sort of failed in the sense that they did not look like cookies at all, but A for effort?

Would you be able to tell what these were if I hadn't told you?
Would you be able to tell what these were if I hadn’t told you?


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