Throwback Thursday: Lost Kitten

Last year, someone I knew was on their way to work when they came across a drenched kitten stuck in the street gutter drain. There was no way she would even consider leaving the struggling animal there, so she wrapped him in her sweater and brought him along to work. That same day, she brought him to the vet just to check him up. Other than a slightly injured tail, the kitten was doing good. Unfortunately, she could not keep the kitten, because she already had so many other pets at home, but the fact that the kitten was healthy and not to mention, pretty stinkin adorable, made it likely that he would rapidly find a home. She brought him to work everyday that week, and my friend and I visited the small kitten daily.

Lost Kitten

He loved being snuggled, but fully enjoyed the freedom to bounce around and play. He much preferred to be pet and held, than to be left in his crate,.

At the end of the week, the kitten was brought to the SPCA shelter, but continued to be visited by the woman who found him in the first place. We were all a little disappointed that it hadn’t been possible to find him a forever home and that he had to go to the shlter, but several days later, she was happy to tell us that the all necessary requirements for putting the kitten up for adoption had been met. Just a mere two days later, he had been adopted.

It was so nice to witness another successful animal adoption story and wonderful to hear that this kitten was lucky enough to be given the chance to find his way into the hearts of people and join a welcoming family.



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