Home for the Holidays

As we do each year for the winter holidays, my family and I go back home. Unfortunately the Christmas break is pretty short, so a lot of our days were spent rushing from one place to another. Regardless, I’m so grateful for all the good memories we made there and all the wonderful people I got to spend time with.  Apart from catching the cold and getting stitches, we had a very enjoyable time.

For Christmas, we headed down south to see my aunt, uncle, cousins. We had a Christmas Eve celebration with a mass and large dinner. I admit, I was pretty tired. We only went to sleep at one in the morning. The next morning was mostly focused on opening presents. The littlest cousins got way too many gifts to count and were super excited about it, which made for a very cute photo session. And because I feel it appropriate to mention: I’m thankful for the gifts I got. I really do genuinely appreciate everything I received. My younger cousin got a new bike, so a few times during our stay, we went out on a walk with her so she could learn to bike ride. One of my favorite parts of the stay: going to the move theaters. I hadn’t gone in a long time, and going out with just my cousins was nice – I hadn’t done anything with them in a while.

We spent New Years in the north, which allowed all of us to enjoy some nice, clean, fresh air. For most of the time, it was around 0ºc and we were freezing, but it was so nice to be back. I had the chance to go to some pedestrian street shops, walk near the shores, eat a small yule log, and wander around town, which was enough to make me very content. On the final day of 2014, we stayed up until midnight and did the countdown until 2015.

Finally, before heading back to this hot weather, we made sure to enjoy a lunch with my Godfather’s family. It’s always nice seeing them, because they’re such great people. It was nice catching up, because we missed them this summer.

So there, that’s my winter break back home for you. As always, I still have one more week to enjoy before getting back to my busy routine. 😉

I leave this post with a small collage of just a few photos from the holidays.

Winter Collage
Christmas Tree, Ladyfinger Cookies, Chocolate Yule Log, and a seashore view!


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