The Joys of a Hole Puncher

Just earlier this week, I was working with a group of children who were trying to improve their English and speaking skills through fun and games. My friend and I had about 10 nine-year olds to work with. They were eager to learn, but sometimes a little difficult to manage! XD We rotated through some activities, and towards the end of the class, the kids had to make a list of items you could find in the classroom. After chairs, desks, paper, whiteboards, and whatnot were all listed, I raised a hole-puncher and asked them what it was.

They didn’t know what it was, at first thinking it was a stapler. So, I grabbed a small piece of paper, and showed them. When they saw two perfectly round holes appear in the paper, their faces lit up. I was amazed at their reaction – I would have never thought such a simple, and to some even useless, item could make them so excited. Just a couple minutes later, all of them were passing the paper and hole puncher around so they could each try it for themselves. After 10 minutes of hole punching, the small sheet of paper I had used to demonstrate was barely a sheet at all. Countless little round holes had been punched and the kids all wanted to keep the paper. Shortly after, they discovered a bigger hole puncher, and were even more fascinated, trying to see how the holes were actually punched.

It had been a while since I had seen someone so intrigued by such a simple thing. Honestly, I wish I could be happy about anything as much as those kids were happy about a hole puncher, but it was nice to see that small spark in their eyes for just a stationery. Little kids have such a great view of the world, I have to say.

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