Getting Through the Week

It’s Wednesday… Halfway through the workweek!

I feel like each week is a mountain. You spend five days struggling to get up that hill and on the 5th day, you are finally so close to the top. You have two days to enjoy that momentary victory. Very soon, you are pushed off and you speedily roll down the hill, only to find yourself at the bottom once more, struggling to get back up.

Here’s a small list of small things to keep in mind as you continue to push yourself through this week…

1. Laugh. It’s such a small detail, but it can make that much of a difference. If there’s a reason to laugh in everyday, getting through the week becomes easier and the more you laugh, the happier you’ll be. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a teary laugh or a sore-stomach laugh.

2. Enjoy the moment. The only way to really do this is to live in the present. Find yourself in the minute, and be aware that in that minute – just in that minute – there may not be a single worry to have. If you’re all caught up thinking about all you have to do tomorrow, how will you enjoy today?

3. Take the time to do what you like. It’s easy to neglect the activities that make us happy when we focus on the things we judge as more important. But having time to do what you enjoy is just as valuable. Make a little bit of time each day for something you love to do.

4. Sleep well. A workweek is already tiring as is, you don’t need to be sleep deprived in addition. Getting good quality sleep can allow for less stress, which is key in feeling less pressure through the day.

5. Stay away from negativityIt’s just not worth it to waste time on people who treat you poorly and make you feel bad about yourself, and it can make your day worse. Talk to people who really matter and surround yourself with positive thoughts. Sometimes it’s all you need to boost your day.

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