National Dog Week!

Cute Dog

Honestly, I can barely believe I’m only managing to write something up about this “holiday” at the end of the week. This week, folks, was national dog week, and if that’s not a reason to wag your tail, I don’t know what is. 😉 The week often goes unnoticed, but for me, avid dog lover, ignoring that we have a week dedicated to man’s best friend just cannot happen. Believe me, I know more dog breeds than I can count, so the passion is real. 😀

National Dog Week is a week to enjoy your pooches. Really enjoy the presence, and company, and love that they unconditionally offer you every single day. Dogs have done so much for people – they work, hunt, keep company, and help. Having a dog benefits someone in so many different ways. Physically, people with dogs tend to exercise more. Being in contact with dogs (and I believe cats as well for that matter) at a young age decreases the likelihood of suffering from allergies later in life. There has been some study on other benefits for the physical health, but I’m not quite sure if it has been verified or not. Being in contact with dogs also significantly reduces anxiety and stress. It’s no wonder they are so frequently used for those with mental health issues.

There are plenty of ways to be thankful for Fido during National Dog Week (though I firmly believe we should always be thankful for our furry friends!) Going to a dog-friendly beach or dog park if that’s something you don’t often have the time for can be a good idea. Otherwise, treat your dog with goodies, like biscuits or new toys. A few years back, we brought back a dental dog toy and squeaky dolphin for our doggy friend, and he loved it!

But one important thing about National Dog Week is that it is also meant to bring awareness to shelter dogs. A lot of individuals still buy dogs in pet shops, mostly because they think they’re cute, fluffy, and small. As adorable as they may be, many of those dogs come from puppy mills. You can do research on those if you don’t know what they are already, but I promise it’s not anything good and definitely not a place you would want to get your dog from. Dogs bought from pet shops can have many medical problems and behavioral issues, which leads to owners no longer wanting the animal. There are so, so, so, many sweet canine companions in pet shelters. Many have had sad pasts, but they await a second chance at life, and deserve it to the fullest. There are so many types of dogs of different breeds, sizes, and personalities, and it’s almost a guarantee you will find the one that fits perfectly into the family. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to save an animal, regardless if it is a dog, cat, or other pet. There are numerous benefits for both the dog and the owner. I highly recommend to take a look at the Humane Society’s Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Pet and the ASPCA’s Adopting a Shelter Dog pages for further information.

To me, there’s no reason not to a celebrate a dog! As I’ve mentioned, they have done and continue to do so much for us, a week honoring them is the least we can do for them.


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