The Nomad Life

Where are you from?
Well… I’m from everywhere, and I’m from nowhere.

TCK, or third culture kid, is someone who has spent most, if not all, of their childhood growing up outside a culture other than that of their parents.

My typical answer to the above question is to say I’m from France. Except, well, not really.

I was born, grew up, and remain today miles and miles away from were my parents did their own growing up. I’ve never studied in French (or been to a French school for that matter), nor have I permanently lived there. Even though I can speak the language, I’m not terribly good at reading and writing it.

I’ve always gone to international schools, learning in the American school system, being taught the American way of life. Therefore, I speak, read, and write much more proficiently and coherently in English than in any other language. So I’ve heard the common “You’re French?! You don’t sound like it!” countless times.

All this moving around  has allowed me to befriend people from all across the globe, with unique cultures and beliefs. I have had friends from Mexico to Italy to India and Denmark and I have been given the chance to absorb a bit of each of these cultures. I’m very fortunate – it has allowed me to be so much more accepting and open minded than I’ve noticed a lot of people tend to be.

TCK Circles


So where is home?
Home is wherever the people I love are. It’s wherever I’ve left a little piece of me behind and wherever the pieces that came with me were found. It’s wherever the memories were made.

Home is the place you miss the most when you aren’t there.
– Maggie Jones

I could go on and on and on, but my goal is not to publish an essay (or have I unintentionally done that already?) on here. I simply wish to give you a piece of my third culture story.

And to top it up, here is something I can definitely relate to, and something for you to check out whether you’re a TCK or not.

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